Solving the Border Crisis


Stars and bars stand for freedom to do business. The eagle choking the snake must symbolize their corrupt government. What foreshadowing.

Stars and bars stand for freedom to do business. The eagle choking the snake must symbolize their corrupt government. What foreshadowing.

I’ve found it!  The solution to the border crisis!  If every Mexican wants to be part of America, let’s just annex Mexico and all be one big happy family.  (If you’re going to leave a comment, please read this entire post. Then I welcome your opinion.)

Let’s face it, the Mexican government is a farce of corporations and drug cartels, and if they had oil we wanted we’d be sending in troops to replace them with an American approved government anyway.  However, since we’ve never thought Mexico had much to offer other than margarita-filled resorts, we’ve been content to ship them guns and accommodate their decay as a nation from a distance.

Now  I’m not suggesting that the current administration be allowed to take over and tyrannize yet another country, I’m saying first we need to oust our own dictator, then we can tackle Mexico.  Does this all sound crazy and pointless?  I have a plan, hear me out:


It's like a job fair at a community college down there...

It’s like a job fair at a community college down there…

Right now, we are putting Mexican children in concentration camps, away from their families, with no clear plan other than welfare socialism for their futures. Is this a solution? Maybe if you’re a Nazi.  I propose we revert back to a capitalist system, and by annexing Mexico, literally share the wealth.  Here is how.

  1. Elect an American President who believes in capitalism and the ingenuity of people
  2. Annex Mexico so that we can all stop pretending we have a border
  3. Allow the current border patrol who has been hand-cuffed this whole time to unleash their fury on the cartel-government of Mexico.  i..e. Shoot anyone in a suit.
  4. Encourage American companies to plant factories and further tourism in Mexico
  5. Send back all the Mexican children we’re illegally housing now that their parents have job markets back home
  6. As new citizens, expect all Mexicans to pay taxes, and get no more special treatment than the Caucasian native-born Americans.  (Who are not eligible for government assistance unless they are single mothers.)

Sound crazy?  It’s not.  It’s practical, fair, and would solve everyone’s problems.  No one can argue that Mexico is a “sovereign nation to be respected”.  A nation is only as great or as poor as it’s people, and if all the people of Mexico hate it and are fleeing to America, and we’re “so cruel” if we don’t just let them stay and pay for them with money We Don’t Have, (it’s not even a why question at this point, but how are we carrying this burden), then let’s set the Mexicans free from their horrible existence, let’s set Americans free from guilt and the crime/welfare burden that has come with this illegal invasion, and let’s call it a day.

Do you need one more reason?  A Mexican helicopter flew over our border (that our government no longer considers a border), and FIRED on us!  Who does that??  Has everyone forgotten that happened? Has no one seen “A Few Good Men”?  Oh right, they apologized.  Well then, that makes it ok.  In my view, if a neighbor of ours has a military that is stupid enough to forget where their own air-space is then we should be intervening anyway.  Besides, why does Mexico need an army?  To protect them from us?  Well, they’ve been invading us for the last 10 years and we’ve done nothing, so I’d say they’re pretty safe.


They're the one's wanting to hook up, insults aren't the way to get a second date.

They’re the one’s wanting to hook up, insults aren’t the way to get a second date.

Let’s go back to the original point here.  If Mexicans really want to be a part of America, and no one thinks its fair to ask them to apply for green cards like everyone else, let’s annex their country, make enough money to pay for them, and then everyone’s happy. I have nothing again Mexican people, we just can’t afford to take on a nation as a charity case.  However, if the whole nation paid taxes, and Americans could go own silver mines, factories, and resorts there, we’d make enough income to support them.  Does everyone forget how America became prosperous enough to attract refugees in the first place?  Capitalism.  So let’s get back to that.

Thanks for your time folks, ya’ll have a great weekend.

God bless ~ Liberty Belle


Pass Go, Collect Millions. Good job!

Oh Monopoly, that never-ending game that pitted Grandma and against Dad, and you against your brother, until the game ended with someone storming off in a huff. (I’m a sore loser.)


Is he smart and successful? Or criminal and corrupt?

Is he smart and successful? Or criminal and corrupt?

In a capitalistic market, monopolies are a tricky thing. Big business is often made out to be the catch-all “bad guy”.  But maybe they’re just successful? At what point do we stop blaming companies, and start blaming a lazy/un-informed consumer market? On the other hand, there are many large companies who turn to shady tactics to crush competition. “To regulate, or not to regulate”, that is the question! I’d be interested to hear your thoughts, here are a few of mine:

  1. If a company offers such a great product or service that no one wants anything else, they should be allowed to be the only company in the market and play that out.
  2. Due to human nature, that would never happen because, a) No company is perfect, there is always room for improvement and someone in our beautiful ,entrepreneurial country is going to try and fill that void, b) When something is wildly successful, everyone is going to try to jump on board, and there will be copycats trying to get a piece of the action.
  3. Therefore, if the above are true, do we need any government regulation for monopolies in a free capitalist market?
  4. What about patient laws to give companies with great ideas a head start?  Is that a good thing?


Where did the budget for this come from?

Where did the budget for this come from?

The example that always comes to my mind in the monopoly question is the US post office.  They;ve had the monopoly on mail forever!  Yet, they did a good job, it was a service people wanted, and aside from private messengers, no one else really took a stab at that market.  However, now, we have FedEx creeping in on shipments…why not standard mail too?  Here’s what kills me – the post-office is bankrupt.  They are laying people off.  Yet they are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on ADVERTISING for a government service!

USPS spent $95.8 million on measured media in 2011, according to the Ad Age DataCenter. Despite the crunch it’s facing, the organization outspent other government megabrands, including the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps, by double.  (more here:  Full Article at Advertising Age)


If only they weren't holding hands with the politicians...

If only they weren’t holding hands with the politicians…

Again, if people need it, they will pay for it, and the company needs to scale to the demand.  So if they postal service can no longer support itself, why not let some other companies in?  Motivated PO employees can go work for the FedEx mail department.  Let’s face it, they may get replaced by drones soon anyway.

I firmly believe that in order to have a powerful, wealthy, sustainable country, we cannot depend on the government to support our economy.  (Oh wait, because they’d just be doing that with our money anyway.  Oh wait, they don’t have any money?  It’s ok, they’ll print some more.)  Allowing private companies to compete for all necessary goods and services should naturally balance itself, and there shouldn’t be a need for regulation of monopolies, just judicial protection for smaller companies to not get man-handled when they first dive in.

What do you think?

American_girl2God bless, Liberty Belle


Pick a Card, Not Just Any Card

Settlers_of_Catan-p2Let’s put down the race card, and play the values card instead.

Do they have that in that Settlers game? Maybe world leaders should play a few rounds of civilization-building that way, and then be grateful they don’t rule over a world where it takes 20 years to build a road. (I mean, it still does in some cities, thank you government job creation.)

But back to the “race” issue. Race is only as much of an issue as anyone makes it out to be. Your race can define you, or your job can define you, your relationship status can define you…but that is YOUR personal choice. I choose how I describe myself to others. I choose the terms that define me. Now, many times, those around us pick up on our own self-describing attitudes and start to relate to us in that way. It’s a very empowering phenomenon. Example: I was working a job I sucked at. I was trying to figure out my next move, my boss wanted to “phase me out”, and I needed to make a change. Solunatic-progressives-losing-debate-use-race-card I took something I’d been doing as a hobby, and when people asked, “what do you do?”, that’s what I used as a response. I found ways to include this hobby on my resume, highlight some things I’d learned in the process, and eventually, started getting more work in that field. It was a process, took several years, but eventually became a full-time paying gig for which I was sought out and respected. God bless America!

presidents-playing-cardsStill, politicians love to define us as voters don’t they? They put us in their little boxed demographics in their straw polls so that they can devise marketing strategies costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to get us to buy what they’re selling.   With no money back guarantee I might add. But why do we allow ourselves to be boxed like this? The politicians are boxing all the illegal immigrants together as one sorry set of refugees and potential voters. If I lumped them together in a box as one big drain on our already bankrupt nation, I would be hung from the nearest tree. Btw, that is how I feel.

Please my friends, the next time a politician claims that the reason we believe what we believe is because of someone’s race, let us call, “BS”. Let us instead say that our ideas, our wishes, our votes are based on values, on research, on our own study of a free and healthy society. To-do-student  Surely there are illegal immigrants who want low taxes, easy market access for entrepreneurs, an un-chained internet, and less groping at the airport. Surely, whether they speak our language or not, they can understand that a run-away government with too much power will only create another Mexico, and then Canada better watch out – we’re coming for you next!

The 4th of July

432950450eda2c496f9fe704df4baf19Happy Independence Day fellow Americans!

No matter where you are and what you’re doing today, it is my sincere wish that you are feeling at peace and well-loved today.

For myself, it was a quiet morning in our house which belied the excitement of today – starting this new blog to communicate with all of you! For the details on who and why and what we’re doing here, click About.

But for today….  I’ve always loved the 4th of July. As a kid I grew up in middle-class America and relished the communitybrats-on-grill-party pick-nicks by the lake where every grill was a shared experience. I marched in and caught candy from parades through town featuring fire-trucks, boy & girl scouts, local business, and marching bands. The comradeship of a nation that can come and go and celebrate as it pleases, free from the judgmental scheming eyes of an aristocracy wanted to keep a distance of wealth between the classes.

Now I fear the dominating ways of aristocracy are present here in our fair nation, not it the form of Lords and Ladies, but as the supreme government agencies such as the NSA, TSA, IRS, and so on. We may, as citizens, still be allowed to elect officials, but we have NO say in the creation and implementation of fear-based laws, agencies, and restrictions that have stretched our wallets and our patience.

Peaceful_CountrysideI think back to younger days when I voraciously read my way through historical fiction novels, I began in earnest in 2nd grad with the infamous American Girl series, (anyone else read those/spend a fortune on dolls?)  and especially loved Felicity. She was a young colonist of about 10 when she had to choose sides at the American Revelation divided her family and friends. Yet, few people currently living in our nation today, if asked, would trade the hardship of our fore-fathers for the freedoms we have today.
It was that first act of bold disobedience which laid the foundation for other globally ground breaking movements including abolishing segregation, woman’s suffrage, prohibition, and the repeal of prohibition. In a very short 238 years as a nation, America has produced countless opportunities for the individual biased on 3 basic attitudes:

1. Freedom to push back against the stronger, louder, generally accepted voicesparklers
2. Freedom to try something new and then change it later
3. Freedom to just go out and START something regardless of wealth, status, or education. (post on education, yet to come!)

So my friends, regardless of how down-played this day may become, (as military bases across the country are being forced to cancel festivities), or whether or not it becomes as secularized as Christmas, (you know what I mean), to me, this day will always be about doing what is difficult but worthwhile, working with honor, and respecting sacrifice. Thankful for those past, and who present, who fight to preserve my freedom.  WWII Soldiers Standing In A Flag Draped Sunset - SIlhouette

God bless always,
Liberty Belle